Professional Placement has been serving the employment needs of our Arizona community since 1955, and now you can leverage our 60 years experience for your resume needs. Whether you need a complete resume overhaul or an update to an existing resume, our highly experienced and tenured staff can help.

Our Process

We provide a personalized approach and take the time to understand your background and career goals. After you have reached out by phone or by completing the form below, a member of our team will work with you on setting up an appointment to meet in person or over the phone with one of our employment specialists to discuss your experience, skills, training, and career intentions. From there, we begin to tie it all together and deliver a first draft of your new resume for your review in an average of 3 business days*. Once approved by you, we complete the final draft and send you a copy in both Word & PDF format.

*turnaround time for first draft depends on length/ type of resume

Have Ready…

In order to serve you better, we highly recommend you prepare the following prior to your appointment:

Copy of your current resume if you have one.

As many details as possible about your work history, skills, education, volunteer experience (if applicable), special projects, professional development activities, etc. Some questions you can ask yourself: Did you work on any major projects? Train new employees? Cut costs? Exceed your sales goals? Implement new systems or processes?

Think about your career goals: What type of positions would you like to pursue?


Package #1


Less than 5 years work experience

Package #2


More than 5 years work experience

Resume Update


Update an existing resume

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