Q: What are some things that should be considered when completing a performance review?


A: For the employer, preparation is key when performing a review. Gather up information on previously set goals, feedback from the supervisor, and a summary from the employee on how they feel they are performing, to start the review out on the right foot! Giving thought to communication styles and providing a comfortable yet confidential setting for the review is also key. Discuss and assess progress on previous goals then set new goals, providing constructive feedback to help guide toward improvement. Make sure accurate notes are taken during the meeting and make sure the evaluation is signed by you and the employee before putting it in the personnel file.


For the employee, performance reviews are an excellent opportunity to let your employer know what goals you have been working on and what skills you are interested in honing. Be sure to ask about training opportunities that the company may have available. When the employer evaluates your performance keep an open mind to the constructive criticism or advice that may be offered. This will allow you to understand what the company values most and how you may tailor your goals to help the company grow too!