In recent interviews with headhunters, recruiters and executives at staffing firms, corporate hiring has rebounded in June with a broader recovery in hiring for professional positions.

HR departments are beginning to consider filling open jobs, and recruitment is picking up for high-level corporate posts; but the recovery is uneven. More than 1 million new jobless claims are being filed each week, and some industries are far outdoing others in the rebound from the low two months ago. Jobs in technology, health care, financial services and consumer packaged goods lead the way, while hiring by retailers, apparel makers, airlines, hotels and academic institutions remains low.

States that reopened earlier have had more of a pickup in employment activity than states that remain under more restrictions. Work-from-home has changed the landscape as workers have become used to using digital networking platforms and remote teams.

The takeaway? No one is saying we are back, but we are cautiously optimistic. We got into this overnight, but we are not going to get out of it overnight. Read the full article here.

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