Thank you for your service! We truly appreciate the hard work and sacrifices you have made for our Country, our freedom, and our families.

To show our appreciation we would like to share some of the knowledge we have gained over the past 60 years to assist you in your job search. Here are a few things to consider as you make the transition from military to civilian employment.

1. Plan ahead for what you would like to do once you have completed your military service. Research careers that incorporate the abilities you have honed, and consult with a career counselor for leads on positions that will help you reach the salary you are targeting. One website that can help is:, this site offers advice on matching military skills with civilian careers.
2. Education is a great way to start a new career path or take the classes that fill in any gaps you need to qualify you for the job that you really want! There are great programs that offer college assistance through each branch of the military.
3. Use your cover letter to draw in the employer. Your cover letter gives you the perfect opportunity to impress the employer and to show how your talents translate easily from military into civilian positions. Be sure to avoid military vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to those reviewing your information.
4. Attend networking events, post on social networking sites, or ask friends and family for a referral. Let your poise and professional demeanor speak for itself as you speak with people face to face. This is the best way to find out inside tips on new employment opportunities and getting introduced to hiring managers!

We are grateful today and every day for your bravery and service. Happy Veterans Day!