Don’t Worry, You Can Be Happy!

From higher productivity to improved health and lower stress, happiness at work benefits both the employer and the employee alike! What can you do to promote happiness at work? Read on…

1. Get Physical. Do you need to update your wardrobe, change your haircut, join a gym? Take stock in how you feel physically, and pick one thing that you can do to improve yourself. As you gradually see changes take place you will feel more and more comfortable in your own skin, and others will sense your confidence as you interact with them. You have nothing to improve? Great! You can move on to step 2.

2. Build your social network. Being approachable and friendly to others at work will break down many barriers and reduce stress. Don’t go overboard with the socializing, but carving out a little to time to share about life outside work can help others identify with you on a deeper level. It also helps to resolve problems when they do come along. When my co-worker had a problem with her car, I picked her up and brought her to work for a few days while it was being fixed. Because I was aware of her need, and was able to help, things went more smoothly at work for both of us!

3. Seek change. In and out of work, some things just do not work out the way we plan. In times like these we need to learn the difference between things we are able to control and those things we need to let go. Within the realm of things we can control, we should consider things that we can influence or change, if we just ask. Requesting an adjusted schedule, a raise, upgraded technology, new office chair, etc… may not be as difficult as you think, and may increase your job satisfaction immensely.

4. Keep balanced. As strange as it may sound, healthy and loving relationships outside of work are an essential part of happiness at work. Being productive, relaxing, and having fun with family and friends can help you stay fresh and energetic during the week. Setting boundaries and limits at work and at home can help you keep a good balance. Keep your perspective so that people at the office and at home know they can count on you when it really matters.

5. Be Optimistic. Don’t get stuck in a rut; set goals, look for training opportunities, express gratitude to others, etc… Setbacks are a certainty, but use your experiences as an opportunity to learn. You will be happy as you see the growth you can attain as you focus on the positive!