Negotiating job offers is one of my favorite things to do, as a recruiter. It is at this point in the hiring process that the employer and employee have expressed mutual affinity towards one another and they begin the discussion of what it will take to make this a long term relationship. Businesses carry the burden of providing the right employment package to attract premium talent, and for small businesses that can be a little tricky. If you are the Hiring Manager or HR professional of a business that is looking to expand its’ benefits, the following are some of the most popular, in the current job market.

1. Prospect for growth – No room for advancement is a common concern for employees that have held the same position for a long time. Many top candidates are very open to starting at the bottom, with a new company, as long as they have somewhere to grow. This doesn’t mean that they expect to move on to a new position right away, but once they have become proficient in the new role they will have opportunities to take on more responsibility and learn new skills.

2. Health/Dental benefits –Health insurance is an important consideration for employees seeking full-time employment. Many savvy employees take insurance benefits into consideration as a part of the salary. They recognize that providing insurance can often be expensive for a company to offer, and most employees understand that there may be a requirement for them to contribute partially in order to have this benefit. Once the health insurance is in place, many carriers will add vision and dental for a minimal amount.

3. Flexible schedules – As employees juggle busy schedules inside and outside of work, they often seek an employer who can accommodate them, either with alternative shifts or work from home opportunities. This allows the employees to have flexibility with daycare, school, spouse’s schedules, etc… Being able to offset their schedule in these ways can greatly increase job satisfaction and decrease stress.

4. 401k plans – Uncertainty over retirement plans and Social Security funds has really put a focus on the importance of having a 401k plan as part of the employment benefits. Employers who additionally are able to match the contributions are really able to add this as a selling point to their overall offerings.

When it comes to employment, it is important for employers to remember that salary is not the only consideration when candidates are considering job offers. Getting a solid employment package together can make a real difference in attracting the right kind of talent to your company!