Wayne Calhoun joined Professional Placement, Inc. in 1973. He utilized his previous roles as a corporate recruiter to build the temporary division, Pro-Tem Service, Inc. He has encouraged, cajoled, and cheered on his staff as they have strived to provide excellent candidates to companies throughout the valley! His promotion of attentive and ethical service has built a long legacy of loyal clientele who appreciate working with Wayne Calhoun and his team. In celebration of his 40 years of service, a collection of anecdotes and attributes have been submitted as a tribute to him. We know as he continues to serve as President of Professional Placement he will continue to demonstrate these qualities.

Listed below are some words from those of us who have been privileged enough to work so closely with this great man:

“Momentously moved by his generosity, enveloping all that pass…his way. Never disingenuous or sarcastic the art of the honest compliment, what a rare site in such a vapid world!” -WS

“I have had to learn to be tough, to make hard decisions, to admit mistakes, and glory in successes! All of that has been made possible by his example and his guidance.” -CD

“Whenever I come to the office, I am greeted with a smile and a handshake…” -JD

“I feel the life experiences I gained from working with you, (Wayne)…and a few others at Professional Placement, Inc. gave me a great foundation for my life ahead!” -PM

“I have learned so much from Wayne about the business world. I learned that building relationships based on honesty and trust was the only way to do things…This is something that I try to instill in my everyday life.” -CJ

“Wayne is kinds and understanding and will do anything in the world to help you. He is a good father and a good friend.” -B

“He has the kind of integrity that I really admire in a person. I appreciate the good man that Wayne is and it has been a real pleasure working with him over the years.” -MJ

“I worked for (Wayne) for so many years and he practically raised me. My family to this day thinks the world of him as I do.” -EI

“Thank you for building my confidence as a recruiter with the most kind and sincere words always.” -AG

“When I think of the word integrity and its meaning, I picture Wayne Calhoun.” -ML

“His commitment to his family, business and community exemplifies the kind of person we should all strive to be.” -PM

“He is the true definition of a gentleman!” -DC

“I have known some great men in my life, but I can’t say many of them come close to your level or that I have respected them as much as I do you.” -JD

“You’ve built the foundation of this company in which I am proud to say I’m a part of. Your constant accolades have given me confidence to know that I too, like you, can succeed. I can truly say what a privilege it has been to be able to consider you as part of my life.” -CR

“You are unique in many ways, but you are one in a million in one particular area…the quality person you are and the profound positive impact you have on all those around you…especially me.” -JS

“It is very rare when you get to meet the owner of a company, but when the owner is as humble as Wayne, you feel right at home!” -DJ

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