There are several factors that some may attribute to a successful career: luck, natural ability, and even decision-making. However, according to a recent study of more than 1,800 employees done by VitalSmart, a top leadership training company, nearly 46% of participants conveyed that the most important factor to their personal and career success is – habit. Yes, simple and consistent routines helped these individuals drive their own success.

Out of that study, these were the top four simple career habits that you can easily incorporate into your own routine:

1. Think yes before saying no. Be open to opportunities to grow and expand outside of your comfort zone.
2. Trust your gut. Do your research but stop at 80 percent confidence rather than 110 percent.
3. Be curious. Dedicate time each week to dreaming and researching. Know the dream is free but hustle costs extra.
4. Do the hardest or most important thing on your to-do list first thing in the morning.

Emily Gregory, of VitalSmarts, emphasizes that while these habits may seem small, they can actually trigger a series of other powerful habits that may also carry over into your personal life.

Jumpstart your workplace performance today by incorporating these underrated habits into a new, simple routine.