Unsure on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile for the benefit to job search? Consider these 3 tips to get you started:

1. Fill in all of your previous employment, but focus more detail into your last two or three positions. If you are applying for a specific position, be sure to include any past experience that relates!

2. Be sure your LinkedIn profile is complete! Provide all of your past experience, skill sets, and education. Remember, LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals, and your profile should reflect this! Don’t forget to add a professional profile picture as well.

3. See if you are connected to anyone through LinkedIn who works at the company you are interested in. You can strike up conversation and ask that person questions about the company as a whole, or they may even have information about the specific position you are looking at! Building a rapport with your connections is always a positive.

After all, there are many companies and employers who post their job openings on LinkedIn, so take advantage of this by using the tips above to fine tune your professional profile and help you land that dream job!