MARCH 2014

SEM -Marketing

Candidate # 112359 is a highly experienced marketing professional who has a record of developing successful projects incorporating a wide range of applications and technologies.  Creativity and superb communication allow him to take the ideas of the management team and shape them into a successful advertising program.  His expert use of data analysis, performance tracking and evaluation, allows him to give valuable insight on the effectiveness of the marketing programs being used.   He is an expert in his field and consistently demonstrates an ability to improve the volume and quality of traffic to client sites.  Some of his responsibilities have included:

  • Project Management
  • Paid Search Campaigns Desktop & Mobile (PPC)
  • Branding Display Campaigns
  • YouTube/TrueView Video Campaigns
  • Re-Targeting Campaigns
  • Google TV / AdWords for Video Advertising
  • Offline Media Campaigns (TV / Radio / Print)


Human Resources Manager

Candidate # 111783- Highly motivated Human Resources Manager who is extremely capable of running a successful and compliant department. She has been successful at supporting a company of 1200+ employees. This candidate has excellent communications skills, is detail oriented, and is very effective at team building.  With her initiative and drive, she is a great guide for any company navigating the ever-changing rules and regulations of human resources! Her responsibilities have included:

  • Payroll
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruiting
  • New Hire
  • Training
  • Budgeting
  • Benefits Administration
  • Coordinating Company Events


Sales Director

Candidate # 111987 is a sales professional with proven success in leading business development efforts, expanding the customer base and increasing revenue. This Sales Director has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and is an energetic and competent trainer.  His focus on product knowledge and goal setting brings success to his employer!  Some of this candidate’s key accomplishments have included:

  • Increased sales by 300% in a 3 year period.
  • Recognized as a top Sales Representative in the state.
  • Consistently met 100% of monthly/yearly quota.
  • Generated $4 Million in Sales in a 4 year period.


Marketing Coordinator

Candidate #112352 is an experienced marketing professional who has managed a wide range of marketing programs using a variety of media.  Her adeptness at planning and implementing special events is unsurpassed!  Targeting both B2B and B2C, she has built relationships with a variety of different clients. This polished professional has a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, great communication skills, and a keen eye for success. She is known for establishing measurable marketing goals, developing strategies and then implementing tactics to reach those goals. She has found success in the following channels of marketing:

  • Special events
  • Website maintenance
  • Social Media
  • Email campaigns
  • Print Advertising
  • Phone Strategies


Office Assistant / Customer Service

Candidate #112433 offers a perfect combination of skill sets for a light administrative position.  She has professional phone etiquette, and smoothly transitions into her dispute resolution skills when faced with an unhappy client or customer.  Her cheery disposition and desire to go the extra mile recommend her to working in a team environment; she has a history of giving her all to assist clients and co-workers alike.   She is organized, detail-oriented and a great listener.  She is a quality Office Assistant with an upbeat personality!  Some of her experiences include:

  • Multi-phone system
  • Microsoft Office
  • Data Entry
  • Cash handling
  • Maintaining paperwork
  • Filing