Policies and Procedures


Vacation Pay

When an employee has worked for Pro Tem Service at least 2000 hours within one calendar year, they will qualify for 5 days of vacation pay. Vacation time needs to be preapproved by Pro Tem Service and with a supervisor at your employment location. If the employee has had more than one pay rate during the calendar year, the wages will be averaged to find the rate of pay for vacation time.


Sick Time

Employees will earn 1 hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked, with a maximum accrual of 40 hours per year. An employee can roll up to 40 hours of unused sick time into the following year, however only 40 hours of paid sick time can be used in the year.

Unused sick time will not be paid out to an employee at the end of the year or when employment is terminated, laid off, or voluntarily quits. If rehired within 9 months of the last day worked, the employee will be eligible to keep the hours they have already accrued.

Earned paid sick time may be used for the following purposes (for employee or family members), medical care or mental or physical illness, injury, or health condition, a public health emergency or an absence due to domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse, or stalking.

All employees will start accruing paid sick time effective July 01, 2017 or on their start date, whichever is later. Employees who start on or after July 01, 2017 will have a 90 day waiting period before they can use the accrued hours of sick time.

To use earned paid sick time please contact our office at 602-955-0870 as soon as you know you will need to use your paid sick time and on the following Monday ensure your time card says “sick time” on the day you were out, or if reporting hours through our online timecard reporting system, write “sick time” in the employee notes section.

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Holiday Pay

A Pro Tem Service employee is eligible for up to 8 hours of holiday pay if they have completed 520 hours of work during the previous 13 weeks before the holiday, on a continuous assignment. The employee must work the full day preceding and following the holiday.

To request holiday pay please contact our office at 602-955-0870. On the following Monday, ensure the time card says “holiday pay” on the day you were out, or if reporting hours through our online timecard reporting system, write “holiday pay” in the employee notes section.

Available paid holidays include:

• New Year’s Day
• Memorial Day

• Independence Day

• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day


Applicants have rights under Federal Employment Laws

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Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) English / Spanish

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